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How To Run A Mac OS Computer

The Mac is not so commonly used as most people have gotten used to the ways that the windows use. The Mac snow leopard is though the most powerful OS, as has been tested by many users. And you’re free to try it out as well. The Mac OS is not so commonly used, therefore, there are few people who actually use the Mac Os the way it should be.

Firstly, the issue of memory use comes to my mind. You might have realized that your Mac is getting slow with time, and that you’re not getting the performance you used to get when you bought the computer. That is because of the space consumption that has taken place on your hard drive. Unlike the windows, which creates permanent files on disk drives to be used as virtual memory, the Mac uses temporary files that are used for memory if the existing RAM is not enough. These temporary files consume hard drive space and if there is not enough Hard drive space Remaining you’ll certainly notice your computer getting slow. So always remember to keep at least 20% of your hard drive free for running applications properly. Here is how you will clean your system

Cleaning the Mac

So to clean Mac you must know what to clean and why should they be cleaned.

To tell of the first part I’ll have to tell of the second part first: the Mac uses only a few files that it comes with. And many other applications install language packages that you don’t ever use. The Mac OS is designed to have binary packages for certain processors, when you use one processor the binary package for the other processors become useless and so it is a good choice to remove them from your Computer. Then there are unnecessary files and applications that run your ‘s Hard drive down and makes your Computer slow.

Disabling features that you don’t need

There are features that the Mac comes with that aren’t so widely needed. Like the animation features. The Mac PC comes with two different types of software build settings, if you had mistakenly set it to Rosetta instead of Universal, set it back to Universal. Rosetta requires a lot of space to run and is not the better selection if you want performance. So it’s good to use the Universal settings. Then there are the widgets that take up your RAM, you can uninstall most widgets and have a better performance from your Mac.

Disenabling login items

There are applications that run on Mac and each application requires processor support and RAM to run. And the more number of applications you run at the same time the worse the performance of your computer gets. SO, try running fewer applications at the same time.

Then there are the Login Items. Login Items are startup processes like those used in windows. The Login Items can contain some unwanted applications to run without you knowing it. So go to the Login Items in your system preferences, you can find it in the Accounts portion, then take away the applications that you do not want system to run.

After following these steps you would realize that a slow Mac PC can be easily made fast without the use of outside applications.

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