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How to Right Click on a Macbook

Use Quick Look to Preview Files
You might not carry your Mighty Mouse everywhere you go. Therefore learning how to right click using the keyboard can help you a lot of time. Mentioned below are the steps:
• Find the link, image or the text that you want to see options for by right clicking and position the cursor on it.
• Press the Control key. It lays two keys away from the left of the spacebar.
• Hold the ctrl key and left click using the pad. The options will open up.
• Pick the option you wanted to use for the highlighted data.
While this one is a simpler way, mentioned below is another method that can help you get the right click.
• Open ‘System Preferences’
• Move onto the “Trackpad” option. It lies fifth from left on the second row.
• Enable this option “For secondary clicks, place two fingers on the trackpad then click the button.”
• Once the option is activated, you only need to simply place two fingers on the trackpad and then click.
Keep in mind, while right clicking for text, you will have to select the entire word or phrases or else the changes will be limited to the ones highlighted.

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