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How To Install Lion On Multiple Mac Machines

There are many people who are against the opinion that the Mac OS X Lion is not a worthwhile download and the reason that is given out is that they are accustomed to perform their daily work on multiple Mac systems and are required to pay off an amount of $29.99 for every upgrade of Lin on each and every machine.  From this I agree on point for sure, that this process is rather an expensive one.

One thing if for sure, that Mac OS X Lion is an up gradation to its every penny, however, in a situation where multiple Macs are being used or where the user has to spend a lot of money from their pocket, there ought to be sought out a problem as the question stands out that do I have to pay $29.99 every time I get a Mac upgraded to the Lion version of Apple.

The up gradation to Lion systems was introduced in the month of July last year and from then it has an up gradation fees of $29.99 and any person who have an Apple ID can get this up gradation on their Mac. But, what about installing this version on multiple computers?

As a matter of fact, any Mac user who have upgraded to Mac OS X Lion from via the Mac App Store has been given the right to get the app installed to any OS that are on different machines. Simply consider the Lion version of Mac operating system as a onetime investment and in order to get Lion on to another Mac based machine, the only act required is to get it re- downloaded from the Mac App Store.

Another question is as to what does the company has in opinion for this issue. As a matter of fact, nothing at all as Apple has mentioned the point quite explicitly in the WWDC event that the Mac OS X Lion version 10.7 has been made available for all’ your’ authorized Mac systems. However, if the word ‘your’ is omitted out from within the context, this might eventually give out a very different meaning to it. The phrase ‘all your authorized Macs’ means all those Mac operating systems of which you have obtained authorized access can have Lion on it so, if any other person in your home is using an iMac which is operating on the Snow Leopard version, this iMac can be upgraded to the Lion from Snow Leopard via the Mac App Store even if the same user already got the Mac version installed on to another Apple computer product such as the MacBook Pro.

In the last, by simply ditching DVD’s and the launching of the Mac App Store the company has taken proven steps to make the process of obtaining the OS X Lion on to all the Mac on to which you hold authorization. In other words, by paying $29.99, the user now has unrestricted freedom to offer your Mac system with the features of Lion.

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