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How to get the unrealesed iPad Facebook App

How to get the unreleased iPad Facebook App

Today it was found that Facebook had got there new iPad App Hidden inside the iPhone app which is already on the market. The new iPad app is a complete overhaul of their current iOS app for the iPhone and brings with much improved functionality and a slick new looking user interface. Below are some simple instructions on how to get this unrealsed iPad app .

You will need to be running a Jailbroken iPad to order to install Facebook for iPad.

How to install the  App

1. First you must Jailbreak your iPad.

2. After you have Jailbreaked your iPad, you must make sure that the Facebook iPhone app (version 3.4.4) is on your iPad.

3. Enter Cydia and search for the app iFile. After you have installed iFile, go to preferences, turn on application names, then go to Applications > Facebook > > info.plist > and finally select UIDeviceFamily.

4. Change the value from 1 to 2 and hit done.

5. Restart your iPad and now when you access the Facebook app it will load up the iPad Facebook app.

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