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How to Get Rid of Spam!!!

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Spam is the worst frustrating thing that badly gets on the nerves of the Mac user. It can get so awful for the users at times that they face serious troubles in the accomplishment of their tasks, such as important emails might get lost or unnoticed among huge spam.

A lot of people who advertise their emails on internet and on their websites are more vulnerable to spam. Getting rid of spam is hard, if not impossible once you start getting them in bulk. Most of the users just ignore or block them at best, but if you explore them well, there are a number of ways to lessen the quantity of spam before it starts filling in your email inbox.

What to do in order to avoid spam?

  1. The first thing to be taken care of is to restrict your email getting on the internet (WebPages) as web crawlers are searching for valid email addresses on the internet all the time to add them in their list and sell them to the spammers.
  2. As discussed earlier, the best preventer of spam is the user itself. Never let your email out on the internet, as it can be openly accessed by anyone using internet. Once your email address gets public on the internet, and reaches someone’s spam file, then there is no easy exit. The result would be that you will get more and more spam by each coming day.

There are a few more key points for the spam receivers which are discussed below:

  1. If your email address has been hit badly with spam, change it. Or once you want to start from scratch in order to avoid spam, change all your email addresses in use.
  2. If you have a webpage and it has your contact email, then the best thing to do is to make two email addresses. One email for your very close family, friends and colleagues and the second one for general public use. Also ensure that you change your webpage at least once every year or so when you feel it’s getting jammed with spam.
  3. Request your internet service provider to enable spam filtering on your connection. This is an optimum solution and better than the email filtering in Apple mail for the reason that the spam emails are blocked prior to be downloaded on your system. There are numerous levels of spam blocking or filtering. Some levels can be quite aggressive blocking most of the spam, but they can also block some of the real emails that you do not want to be filtered. The best information you can get from your internet service provider. So, contact them about the desired level of activation for spam filtering.
  4. Among all different email services on the internet, Gmail is the one with the optimum spam filtering facility for its users. So, try using Gmail rather than employing any other option.

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