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How To Get Macs And PCs To Play Nice Together

How To Get Macs And PCs To Play Nice Together

Although Mac operating systems and Windows PC are two separate operating system dimensions, but the can coexist together. This can be easily doe with the help of some tips mentioned below.

Apple and Microsoft are the two strongest competitors in the world of operating systems. Because of this, their fans too hold a whole lot of competitive spirit between them. Both the firms have maintained a huge customer base which is difficult to beak.

Given this situation, making the two of them play nice with each other might require some time, but, it can happen. The compatibility option of the software, hardware and files was quite complicated a decade ago, but they do exist. With the passage of time, several ways have been evolved to overcome this issue.

Conquering Old-Fashioned File Compatibility Issues

Previously, the transferring of a file from a Mac-based system to a Windows operating system was a task which involved a lot of hassle. The reason was that the software was entirely different because of which Mac files would not open on Windows OS or it may require some sort of file conversion process.

The problem has been reduced to minimum as the Mac OS operates on HFS Plus and Windows on NTFS. Now any Word document which has been created on the format of HFS Plus can be easily opened on a Mac and so is the case for Mac files. The problem is the area of file transfer. Macs can easily read files of NTFS but cannot write it, whereas, the Windows systems can neither read nor write the HFS Plus files. In order to resolve the issue, use the FAT 32 file system which provides complete compatibility to read/write files both to and from the Mac and Windows.

Compatibility of Software

The compatibility of the software used in both systems still persists as it is dependent on the developer to provide codes in his application for other operating systems.

A recently app issued in which Microsoft debuted Office for Mac can be declared as the only major software compatibility that has been made. By this, basic productivity jobs are now much easier to be done if you are working on both systems because there is a complete set of compatible applications that are available on both the systems.

However, it must be considered as essential that the Windows and Mac versions should be bought in separately, which can be a burden on your pocket.  Another exception is the Steam feature of Mac system. This is a gaming platform and offers the users to both the operating systems to have a copy of the game, if Mac version is made available and when the title is to be purchased.

Sharing the Network

Both Apple and Microsoft have made several efforts so as to make their products work in a very compatible environment. However, the networking aspect can still be an issue.

If the app of file sharing is turned on on any Windows system having XP or greater, it gets automatically detected by the Mac system and is displayed in the Finder option list.  In case it does not appear on your screen, check the settings of the System Preferences panel as it might have been blocked.

On the other hand, Windows can also detect Mac systems but, in many cases not automatically. All you have to do is to open the sharing section of the System Preferences option, go to File sharing and click on options. Ensure that the option of “Share files and folders using SMB” is ticked and is on the box of the Mac OS X account you are required to share. After this, the files can be shared with the selected account through the Network Window by opening the Mac system and logging in with the ID and password.

They’ll never be best friends, but…

As long as both the operating system exists, they can never work in complete harmony and compatibility because in their true essence, they are different machines having different operating systems, hardware and software. It is very much doubted that the Windows OS or Mac OS X can ever be compatible with each other without any hacks.  However, for typical daily basis use, there have been made certain configurations which can pave way for more compatibility aspects.

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