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How To Fix OS X Mountain Lions WIFI Issues

How To Fix OS X Mountain Lion WIFI Issues

So over the last 24 hours we have been getting contacted non stop about the Mountain Lion  WIFI / Internet issues people are facing once update their operating system. We have heard from multiple people and we have not found one definite way to fix the issue as of yet but the following methods have been working for some people.

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Method 1:

  1. Open finder press cmd + shift + g
  2. Enter: /library/preferences/systemconfiguration
  3. Now take the systemconfiguration folder and Delete it
  4. Provide your password then delete and empty the trash
  5. Restart Your Computer

Method 2 : 

  1. I determined that connection to VPN is the cause of Wifi not working. – When Disconnected – Wifi worked perfectly fine; when Connected – Wifi appeared to be working, but wasn’t connecting to the Internet
  2. I went into Network Preferences/Advanced
  3. Clicked on the DNS tab
  4. Added two new OpenDNS servers: & by pressing the ‘+’ button
  5. I clicked OK and then Apply
  6. I connected to VPN and voila – everything works fine. Wifi works also while VPN is disconnected.

Method 3:

  1. Reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion over your current version
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