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How to Fix Flash Problems on a Mac

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Lately haven’t we all been witness to how Apple criticized Flash and its component for hampering a smooth graphic experience to Mac users? However, just a little scrubbing beneath the surface reveals a completely different story. Most of these said glitches can be fixed by playing around with the Safari settings.
The issue surrounding Flash glitches seems to be blown out of proportion as well. In reality, a little search will reveal that there are hardly one hit per day for keywords ‘Apple’ and ‘Flash’ in one string. Now is this really as big as we thought the issue was?
As it turns out, the real culprit for graphic related issues is not ‘Flash’ in most cases. For example, there have been complaints regarding the failure to play videos on KTUU web page. The resolution was as simple as disabling Safari’s Block Pop up options. The option is located in Safari menu.
Another Flash related problem that came up was resolved by moving the Safari application to the applications’ folder. Yet another fix was achieved by reinstalling the latest version of Mac OS X through the ‘combo’ updater.
If you face Flash related issues, the reason could be the third party input managers. Apple strongly advices against these managers and therefore if you face Flash issues, the fix could lie in uninstalling these programs.
Real Flash Issues
While aforementioned fixes may make you believe that all is well with Flash and problem lies with other applications, the truth however is slightly different. There may be chances when Flash video doesn’t play or plays very slowly. Though less frequent, these issues do exist.
There are issues such as when the YouTube videos don’t play and Flash keeps crashing that remain unresolved. In such cases, the best way out is to try the suggestions given in Adobe TechNote.
While the suggestion by Adobe might not be the panacea; they are definitely worth trying. However as a heads up, most of the suggestions by Adobe involve uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player to fix the glitch. Few others suggestions and what we feel about them are mentioned below:
• The Adobe’s document advices on repairing permissions. However this doesn’t work all the time. The permission problem is restricted to Flash Player 9.x. You might be using 10.X Flash player.
• While reinstalling Safari’s latest version can help, it normally doesn’t work. In fact most of forums also confirm the same, so it’s better not to waste any time on such procedures.
• Many problems may be the result of you trying the latest Flash version As there the application is in beta stage, there might be glitches which might not have any fixes for the time being.

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