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How to Find iWork files lost While Moving from Mac to iPad

Use Quick Look to Preview Files
Lately we have seen a surge in Apple releases. With iPad leading the onslaught, many new applications have been released and the most exciting of these have been Numbers, Keynote and Pages. This seems necessary if iPad is ever to become a content generator rather than just reader.
However if iPad is ever to become noteworthy of content generation, it will have to support applications across the platforms and help users in not only editing documents but sharing with no data loss as well.
This, unfortunately, is one area where iPad seems to be lagging behind.
This seems even more worrying when Apple themselves raise alarm bells in their support articles. While one may tend to believe that sharing files between iPad and Mac is simple, the fact is it can irritate you at times. Apple support articles list topics like How to copy files to Keynote, Number or Pages on iPad. (Articles on Copying! Smell some difficulties!!!!). The same article talks about 6 steps of copying and leaves out step 6 in the article for even more confusion.
Now as you can imagine, when a simple copying process becomes a six step process, you tend to think about its complexities. Even if you manage to copy the files to iPad, it is not strange to find out strings of data missing from your file. This is a usual event with iWork apps.
Let’s focus on one of the iWork application, Keynote to try and find a possible fix. However before we go there, there are a few problems that we know happen when we migrate files from a Mac to iPad.
• The presenter notes and comments are not imported
• Recorded or embedded audio is lost
• Ungrouping of grouped objects happen
• Fonts may also get replaced and overall the imported presentation may look a lot different from the original one, in a bad way.
This happens with most Keynote files when you transfer them on iPad. A lot of important content is lost, much for your inconvenience.
What makes it even worse is how the data loss persists when the file is transferred back to the Mac. The stripped information is still unavailable, therefore guaranteeing a ‘Save’ of the original work on Mac for later use. In reality, so far, there is no use of importing files from iPad until you are fine with the data loss. Moving files is OK only when it has to be unidirectional. It could have been better if iWork app displayed lesser content on iPad but didn’t lose it for later transfers. However with a real data loss, the iWork transfers are a useless option.
While we may tend to think that these are some bugs, the fact remains they are not. This is how the Version 1.0 has been designed. Going by Apple knack to improve things with time, let’s just hope iWork is no exception as well.

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