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How to Enable Guided Access On Your Device

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While the iPad has proved itself time and time again that it provides an excellent platform for a vast multitude of professional applications, it has an accessibility that caters to all levels of use. Whether editing serious documents, taking advantage of more creative software or simply playing a game, there is an app for all occasions and no one is left unaccounted for. Not even your children.

The iPad is an expensive piece of hardware and any parent would be understandably reluctant to hand it over to a young child to play with in case it gets damaged. But if you can get over this speed bump, there are hundreds of apps available for kids, from the educational to the recreational and many others combining both qualities, so it does make a good tool for entertaining them.

But this presents a new problem as your iPad could contain sensitive data, such as content of an adult nature or important documents that should not be messed with. Kids are naturally curious so the best way to make sure they don’t stray from their approved entertainment is to make sure they can’t. This is where Guided Access comes in.

To start, you need to open your Settings and choose General.

Next go to Accessibility and find the Guided Access switch. Switching this on will prompt you to set a password, which you will later need to enter in order to leave the Guided Access mode.

An Enable Screen Sleep function is also available if you would like to avoid draining the battery while the device is inactive.

Your device is now set up to be locked into any application of your choosing. The procedure to achieve this is very simple but it will stop your children from wandering and seeing or doing anything they shouldn’t.

Once the app intended for your kids is open, you need to triple-click the Home button, which will bring up the Accessibility Options.

From the list that pops up, select Guided Access and you will see various rules for Guided Access that you can turn on or off. You will also be able to disable parts of the screen and render them unresponsive to wandering hands.

Choosing Next will return you to the app now in Guided Access mode. This means the app you have running will be fully functional for your kids to use but they will be unable to navigate away from it.

When the time comes for you to exit it, you will be able to use the password you entered beforehand to unlock it and return your device back to normal.

To leave Guided Access, simply triple-click the Home button as before and enter your chosen password. This will return your device to a normal, functional state again.

Guided Access can be disabled completely if you go back through Settings and Accessibility to get to the Guided Access menu where you can switch it off.

This function is available on all iOS 6 devices.

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