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How To Download And Install iOS 8

Apple Fan Site takes a look at how to download and install iOS 8 and what problems you might encounter along the way.

So, you have been waiting for the new iOS 8 to arrive with features such as new message and photo features, quick type keyboard, iCloud Drive, new health app and family sharing.

We show you below how to download and install iOS 8 quickly and easily, with a step-by-step guide.

How to download and install iOS 8

Important :  Don’t forget to backup your device and check that your compatible to receive the update.

  1. From the main app screen, click settings
  2. Select general from the left hand menu
  3. Click software from the right hand menu
  4. Select Install and download from the right hand menu
  5. Accept terms and conditions
  6. Wait for download to complete (up to 3 hours)
  7. Install iOS 8 by following the on-screen instructions

You have now upgraded to iOS 8 and can enjoy all the new features.

There has been reports that some iPhone users have been encountering issues with their downloads and this includes the following problems:

  • Slow Download Times : This is usually because everyone is trying to download at the same time, it may be worth waiting a couple of hours before downloading iOS 8
  • Failed Downloads : Check your storage as iOS8 takes up to 4GB of space on some devices, on iPad mini we know it takes up 908kb
  • Slow Installation : This has been reported, usually solved with a bit of patience
  • iOS Requires File Deletion : This is a space issue and iOS will notify you on how many files you need to delete in order to free up enough space for iOS 8

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