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How to Deploy Shortcuts and Utilities for Quick Tasks

MAC’s operating system provides numerous approaches to save time by deploying certain shortcuts and utilities to make working on MAC easier. The MAC operating system might look intimidating at first glance, but there is a huge list of easy and simple to use shortcuts, which can help you save your time and energy big time.

The shortcuts are scattered down into two categories. The first category is the “Startup” and the second one deals with the “Finder” category. Both the categories along with their respective shortcuts: are here under

Startup – These shortcuts are incorporated when you boot up your MAC. These keys are expected to be held on until the desired command gets functional. Following is a list of Startup functions along with their brief descriptions:

  • Shift – Runs MAC machine in safe mode
  • Option – Starts Manager
  • C – Boots up MAC machine from a CD or DVD
  • X – It selects MAC OS X as default if you have more than 1 operating systems
  • Command + V – Starts computer in Verbose mode
  • Command + S – Starts computer in single user mode

Finder – There are a huge amount of keyboard shortcuts available to be used with Finder. So, this information keeps a track record of few of the most favourite and widely used shortcuts. Following are a few shortcut commands that can be used under the tag of Finder:

  • Command + A – Selects all items on the screen
  • Shift + Command + A – Duplicates the highlighted items
  • Option + Command + A – Deselects all selected items
  • Command + E – Ejects external drive or disk
  • Command + I – Displays info of the selected files
  • Command + J – Displays view options
  • Command + K – Connects to a server
  • Command + M – Minimizes the window
  • Shift + Command + K – Displays a new network window
  • Option + Command + M – Minimizes all windows
  • Shift + Command + N – Generates a new folder
  • Option + Command + N – Generates a new “smart” folder
  • Command + O – Opens the highlighted items
  • Shift + Command + Q – Logs out from the MAC machine
  • Shift + Command + T – Adds highlighted items to favourites
  • Shift + Command + U – Opens utility folder
  • Command + V – Pastes the selected items
  • Command + W – Closes window
  • Option + Command + W – Closes all windows
  • Command + X – Cuts a highlighted item
  • Command + Z – Redo or undo an action
  • Command + , – Displays Finder preferences
  • Command + Shift + ? – Displays MAC Help dashboard
  • Command + Delete – Transfers highlighted items to Trash
  • Option + Shift + Command + Delete – Vacant Trash

You will find these shortcut keys useful and handy for you to use as reference while operating your MAC machines. For more such tips and tricks about Apple’s MAC machines, please log on to, as we offer all the guaranteed solutions, authentic and up-to-date information on diverse issues related to the MAC machines and other related gadgets.

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