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How to De-iOS-ify Mac OS X Lion

How to De-iOS-ify Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion was definitely designed to bring in some of the best from iOS on to Mac desktops, but as a matter of fact, users do not believe that there exists such an aspect. So, if you want to remove all the iOS attributed items within the Lion version, here is how to do it.

Restoring of “Unnatural” Scrolling

One of the most irritating changes within the Lion is the default scrolling feature. Though, the feature makes sense within the iDevice because the user is in actual touching the entire contents along with the viewing of it. But, when using a Trackpad, this appears to be quite strange that the user moves their fingers upwards so as to scroll downwards. As a matter of fact, Apple has provided an option to reverse the default setting. Go to the System Preferences and select Trackpad, now press the tab of Scroll and Zoom and uncheck the box of Scroll direction to natural which will bring back the natural scrolling method.

Disable Autocorrect

The feature of Autocorrect can turn out to be very useful but, many a times it may also come out in some big mistakes. So, if you do not want use it, go to the System Preferences, select the Language and Text section and click on the Text, then uncheck the box tagged as ‘Correct Spelling Automatically’.

Disable Launchpad

Although, Launchpad cannot be disabled entirely as dragging it out from within the Dock will not eliminate it forever. When the computer system is restarted or only the Dock is launched, it will be right back in it. However, one thing that can be done is to remove out the gesture which tends to bring up the Launchpad. In order to this, go to the System Preferences menu, select Trackpad and then click on the option of More Gestures. Uncheck the box placed right next to Launchpad. After this, any accidental finger flip will make it to pop up.

Turn On the (Indicator) Lights

Do you know that iOS does not tend to display any sort of indication that a particular app is open? Similar is the case for Lion as its default settings. This again resembles to the iOS as the applications simply launch when you tend to make a tap on them after which only one app can be viewed at a time. This clearly means that whether the apps are opened or closed, it does not matter at all. However, on OS X, it is quite helpful to know as to what is open and what is not. It is the information which is in actual useful rather than confusing. In order to turn it on, visit the System Preferences menu , select the Dock option and simply check on the box of ‘Show indicator lights for open applications’.


The scrollbars of Lion has the feature to disappear which is much like in the iOS devices. Though, this feature is nice for those who do not want to get the scrollbars cluttered up on the screen but, if it actually helps to see them the user can adjust this preference system quite easily. All you have to do is to go to the System Preferences , select General where there will be presented an option titled as show Scrollbars. Here there will be presented three options, the first of which is the “Automatically based on input device” which in turn provides a default hiding act, along with the option of “when scrolling” will only appear out when scrolling, and the feature of “always” is quite self-explanatory in itself.

Have the Apple Mail Back

While the latest Mail interface of Apple has introduced huge improvements, but not every user welcomes such alterations. Maybe you are missing the wide screen view or there is simply a requirement to remove the message previews from within the list so that more and more items can be adjusted onto the screen. In any way these settings can be altered on to the same place. Simply head to the Mail menu and select Preferences. Now you have to click on the option of Viewing and you will find the option placed right on the top of the window.

The above mentioned steps when followed will definitely lead you to de-iOS-ify your Mac OS X Lion version and bring it back to the original operating system that you are used to work on.

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