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How To Be An Extra In "Steve Jobs" The Film –

How To Be An Extra In "Steve Jobs" The Film

Be In Steve Jobs

Are you over the age of 18 and want to be in the up and coming “Steve Jobs” film staring Ashton Kutcher ? Well this is what you have to do. is looking for volunteers to be extra’s in the up and coming film. The company is looking for both males and females over the age of 18 to be in the background while they film the 1983 PC Conference and also the 1977 Computer Jobs Faire

You will receive an information pack which will include :

  • What to wear
  • Info about the free food
  • Check-in info
  • Your role on set and in the movie
  • All other information

Producers are looking for people to dress in the style of :

  • Business Men
  • Computer Nerds
  • Salesmen
  • Lookie-Loos

The shoot takes place in Pasadena, CA on July 16th and 17th and once you have signed up you will get free parking , a free meal and your chance to be in the same shot as Ashton Kutcher

To Apple Click HERE.

Dress Code :

Steve Jobs Film Shoot

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