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How to Backup your MAC automatically using MyBook Live and Time Machine

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Backing up your data is very important, as you may lose your important files in the event of a hard disk or system crash. It is a safety precautionary measure that you take to avoid any huge loss of critical data due to malfunctioning of your system. You can also make a backup of your critical data or perhaps, your entire data using the Time machines of Apple with an external hard disk.

But, here we will discuss as hot to make backup of your data using a network hard disk. Through this technique, the network hard disk can be deployed to backup several MAC computers on the network. This method is ideal for a home scenario where you have 2 or more computers to be backed up.

The following text will elaborate that hot to arrange the external hard disk (MyBook Live) to work with the MAC Time machine:

Time machine is basically software by Apple for which, you also need some hardware to be backed up on to. The first option you have is to engage a USB hard drive or external FireWire. This option is preferred, in case, if you have only one computer to be backed up. An external network storage device is the second option for this purpose.

The idea for the second option is to plug in the device using an Ethernet cable into your network, as any MAC system on the network can be backed up using these settings. This arrangement is preferred for backup, if you have 2 or more computers. Now, the following text will show as how to configure the Time machine on MyBook Live:

  1. Purchase a MyBook Live. It will cost you around $317 (including shipping cost). It is quite reasonable in price, especially as compared to the Apple’s Time capsule that is worth $649.

  1. Bend the power pins using pliers in order to fit in a 240V socket, if you are in Australia.

  1. You must be connected to the internet through a router. Then, connect the MyBook Live with the router using an Ethernet cable. Next, connect the power adapter.

  1. Click on Apple Menu. Then, go to your ‘System Preferences/Time machine.’ When the Time machine program opens, click on ‘Select Disk’.

  1. There must be a disk, which automatically emerges and says, ‘MyBook Live – Backup.’ Click on this disk to be selected and then, click ‘Use for Backup.’ Select the guest option when prompted for a password. Always keep the Time machine slider to the ON position and then, this will backup your MAC system 24/7.

  1. In System Preferences, go to Spotlight and select Privacy tab. Then, select the ‘MyBook Live is a . . . . . . out of the box.’ The rest is easy and you just need to connect your router with the computer using an Ethernet cable and your MAC computer can then find it simply as an external Hard disk.

For informative tips and trick about MAC machines and other Apple products, always log on to and feel the difference yourself!

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