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How To Access iTunes Radio In The UK and Elsewhere

There is a new iTunes Radio hacking video doing the rounds on YouTube which goes into detail on how to access the new service outside the US.


The video shows Apple users outside the US how to connect to the new iTunes Radio service while still using a US iTunes account, and it does seem to work.

iTunes Radio service launched at this weeks WWDC 2013 keynote alongside a range of other new products due to be released later this year including new MAC PRO designs and the fully redesigned iOS 7 operating system that had many people very excited at the keynote.


iTunes Radio is Released and Can Be Accessed on iOS 7

iTunes Radio is Released and Can Be Accessed on iOS 7


Its currently unclear as to whether this “Hack” works in every country or on every device capable of acquiring the radio service but we will keep you posted as to our experiences with it.

How to get iTunes Radio Normally:

1. To get into iTunes Radio, open up the Music App, which got a makeover and is now salmon-colored with a white sixteenth note in the middle of it, as opposed to it being orange with a brown sixteenth note in iOS 5 and iOS 6.

2. When you open up music, select Radio down at the bottom in the left hand side. When it is selected, it will turn a salmon color

3. Press the Start Listening button to begin using iTunes Radio.

MacReviews will have more on the iTunes Radio Service Updates later in the month and you can keep up to date with the latest WWDC 2013 news from around the world by following us on Twitter and Facebook


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