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How SOPA & PIPA could affect the UK –

How SOPA & PIPA could affect the UK

Our friend JeepersMedia has made a nice video on how the SOPA and PIPA acts could affect the UK. We know how a large proportion of our viewers are from the UK and have been able to sit back and watch the manic unfold, unaware of how it could relapse on to them. Richard O’Dwyer is now facing imprisonment on the stands of the new US laws. Purely for just LINKING to copyrighted material on his webpage in spite of the fact that he broke no UK / England Laws and has never been to the USA.

In response the Famed Billionaire Alki David has publicly announced that he will cover ALL of Richard O’Dwyer’s Legal Costs in the USA once he is brought here to stand trial.

This video continues to expose how the Large Media Companies Actually Created the phenomenon of “Online Piracy” to Craft laws to take over the World Wide internet and Media Portals. And How big Media Promoted Sites like Rapidshare and Megaupload.


Sign this to Save Richard O’Dwyer –

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