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How Apple And Nike Have Come Together To Help You

Losing weight and being healthy is a struggle that most people around the world have. The obesity levels are increasing daily with people younger and younger needing drastic intervention in order to turn their lives around. Some people blame smart phones and tablet PCs for this, claiming that people are spending too much time behind screens rather than interacting with each other outside.

Your iPod nano is the greatest friend when you exercise because of its compact shape and ability to clip onto anything and stay there. But every iPod nano now sold comes with Nike+ installed so your workout time will be even more productive. Nike+ is a great initiative that helps people with iPod nano’s, iPhone’s, and iPod touches embark on a great workout. You iPod nano comes with Nike+ as a built in app so you can automatically set it up without having to do anything else. The app comes with menu options such as customising your work out and having a timed or distance workout. You can even customise the songs to play or listen to the Nike selected sports music, and you can set a particular song to play while you’re in the home stretch or when you’re having a rough time. The app will read your times out to you and let you know how you’re going. If you’ve set a time workout it will let you know when you’re half way there and will even encourage you to keep going!

It’s a little bit hard to get this going with the iPod touch and iPhone but not impossible. With these devices you will need to purchase a pair of Nike+ shoes and a Nike+ sensor that goes into the shoes to monitor your workout, and you will need to download the app.

When you’re done you can sync your results to and enter a world of fitness and lifestyle heaven. The website logs all of your workout results and can give you great feedback on your times, your miles, and even how much calories you’ve burnt. You can also set goals and track how close you are to meeting them. The website is also a great place to download inspirational music picked by trainers and athletes to help you to get into the proper mindset. You will also have access to great training and inspiration videos from some of the world’s top athletes and trainers. If you’re feeling up to it you can race somebody and compete for best time. Because has users all around the world you don’t need to meet up for a race but you can organise to race against another person and run in your own time. Later you can log back on and see if you won.

The partnership doesn’t just stop at home exercise and running- Apple and Nike are working in combination with manufactures of gym equipment all over America. They have created machines that can connect with your iPod nano, iPhone, and iPod touch that will log your workout and send the reports back to your Nike+ home page.

Getting healthy has never been easier or more fun.

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