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Hong Kong Store Set To Open September 24th 2011

Hong Kong Store Set To Open 09tember 24th 2011

As five more Apple stores open on August 13, 2011 including Anchorage 5th Avenue Mall (Anchorage, Alaska), Fashion Place (Murray, Utah), Southland (Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia), Conestoga: (RIM HQ Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) I Gigli: (Florence, Italy), the biggest store of the quarter and its looking to be the most expensive Apple Store in history is getting unwrapped in Hong Kong this week.

Apple COO Tim Cook mentioned in the Earnings Call last month that the Hong Kong Store was set to open this quarter, along with another 30 Apple stores


We have had suggestions that the grand opening will be set for September 24th.


The building spans over 6 Lanes of traffic and also over more than 3 floors.


(image Thanks Brian Fu)

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