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Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPhone

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying an iPhone

Since, Christmas holidays are on the side and will soon arrive at your doorstep, it is time you start planning about the gifts which make the special occasion even a memorable one.

Many people refer to many things which can be said as the ‘gift which keeps on giving’ and such a statement is especially true for iPhones. Even the very basic functions of the iPhones through the pre-installed applications of Apple have the ability to vastly expand those objectives which the user is able to accomplish while on the go. When the iPhone is factored out with all the apps from the App Sore, it evolves into a portable and a powerful computer which is quite adjustable in your pocket.

So, if now you have decided to make the occasion more special for your loved ones, below mentioned are few specifications before making a deal in the iPhone.


iPhone was referred to as the ‘gift which keeps on giving’ and over here it should be added that a gift which keeps on taking as well. after you have bought the $199 USD iPhone 4S and have presented to your loved one, you might think you have done a great job (perhaps, the person receiving too will think the same), but the gadget has also some other associated costs such as the monthly expense attached to it under the cap of carrier plans.

the most low priced on-contract iPhone plans in the country of US are provided below:

  • AT&T: $54.99
  • Sprint: $79.99
  • Verizon: $59.99

Note: these rates are as per the rate plan info on the official website of Apple.

by selecting among one of these carriers, the user can tailor up a cheaper pre-pay plan, but, the problem is, no matter how you look into it, you are bound to pay a monthly expense on your iPhone. giving it as a gift to your children or to your spouse might not be a big deal, but if it is to presented to someone outside your immediate family, it will not be considered as a one-time gift, but it is in actual an ongoing expensive obligation.


the situation of carrier is much important in US than in any other country because of the use of several forms of technologies used by US telcos. the Carrier can also have an effect on your options, depending on the model of the iPhone selected. currently, Apple is offering four iPhone models but, the position of compatibility of the carrier is quite complex in US.

  • iPhone 3GS: Only AT&T
  • iPhone 4: GSM version ( only AT&T)
  • iPhone 4: CDMA version ( Verizon and Sprint)
  • iPhone 4S: They are universally compatible, but, nearly all the versions are locked in their specific carriers at the time of the sale.

different carriers are designed to provide services of different quality depending on which location you are.  The service of AT&T has reported some terrible service in various parts of the country, so, if the person to whom the gift of iPhone is given to someone where the AT&T has low network coverage, Sprint and Verizon might be the best choice.

Moreover, the strengths of the three US carriers are also a different story. While the AT&T is the only carrier which supports voice and data traffic, the overall network reliability as well as coverage of Verizon is considered to be of top-notch. Moreover, the data plans of Sprint also attract users especially in the case when the recipient of the iPhone already has a Sprint network.


if you are looking for a low budget iPhone, than iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 can be the best choice. Though, the iPhone 3GS is old, it is lacking in several features such as the Retina display, improved cameras having the features of Skype and FaceTime as well as faster and effective processors. The iPhone 4 on the other hand is much more capable and has been designed to include several new features into it. only one similar aspect of both the iPhones is that both of them are available in a memory capacity of 8 GB only.

if you are willing to spend a bit more, than the iPhone 4S has all the abilities to out-perform all the previous models of iPhones. not only the capacity is much greater, but it is also an excellent replacement over the iPhone 4. Apple is providing iPhones of nearly every budget, so, make your decision and get your device before the holiday bell rings.

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