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Hidden Features In Mac OS X Lion

Hidden Features In Mac OS X Lion

A major update within the operating system is a large as well as a complex process especially when it includes a roar and has gazelles in lunch. Apple Inc. has touted top-tier features of Lion such as Mission Control, Launchpad, and the extensive gesture support applications, but there are many other changes and improvements that have been abound. Below mentioned is an assortment of fun as well as some useful tips that is worth trying during the initial experience with the latest version, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

Feel Comfortable In the Finder App

When the Mac system is used for the first time, the very first thing you will see is the Finder app after which you might get a bit disoriented but, with the help of the below mentioned tips, you can understand it easily.

  • A new smart folder has been added in under the name of All My Files, and it would be very disappointing to miss it, as it is displayed out first in the default window sidebar of the Finder. The smart folder feature is a saved Spotlight search. Moreover, if you prefer not to make use of it, its listing can be removed from the sidebar selecting the option of Finder and then Preferences.
  • If you want to remove something from the Finder’s window sidebar, simply drag it out by pressing and holding the Command key. This feature was originally introduced in the Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

Arrange a Meeting with the Mission Control Feature

Giving it another name, Mission Control can be simply termed as Expose as it has Spaces folded in except that there is no longer a separate panel for the Spaces feature, rather the user has to manipulate spaces at the top most position of the Mission Control screen. Although, it is very in interface but, few hints might be handy.

  • In order to add in or delete up a Desktop space, hold up Option so as to create a big Plus button with the making of an ‘x’ button right into the corner of the screen.
  • In order to get a better look on the Window, place the cursor over it and hit the Spacebar button.
  • if you want to navigate within a space without even leaving the feature of Mission Control, click onto the space while holding the Option menu.
  • A full screen window is another feature of the app which has the characteristic of occupying their own spaces which is displayed on the top of the Mission Control screen. The user can easily navigate among those spaces similar to the other spaces. Moreover, if you are working on a full screen window, place the cursor on the top of the screen so as to summon the menu bar or simply press the Esc key to exit from the mode.

Get Connected To Other Member of the Pride

Besides adding up of AirDrop used for file transferring among nearby operating systems in an easy way, there are several other networking features that are the highlight of the system.

  • In Mac OS X Lion, screen sharing has been made easier than before — the user is able to  now log in and take control of a user account even if the operating system is being used by any other person with a separate user account.
  • Lion has been released with an update of Mac OS X application base station feature, which is mainly found within the service of Internet Sharing in the Sharing preference pane, for the purpose of enabling the use of four channels into the 5 GHz band. By utilizing the feature of Internet Sharing, a Mac is turned into an equivalent Wi-Fi router, but before the launching of Lion, the service was limited to the crowded 2.4 GHz band.

  • The Internet Sharing based networks as well as Computer to Computer networks aspect, Apple has indicted WEP security only which can be easily broken and results in making it incompatible with some devices which includes 802.11n in-built such as some of the Android-based technology phones. It would be ideal if Apple would have added the feature of WPA based security within these software generated Wi-Fi networks.

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