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Heat up your iPad with Hot Reversi HD

Heat up your iPad with Hot Reversi HD

Reversi (sometimes refered to by the trade name Othello) is a game created by two English men in the late 1800s and has been played by generations since.

Historically a board game (as computers didn’t exist the game involves abstract strategy and it is normally played by two players on a board with 8 rows and 8 columns and a set of distinct pieces for each side.

Pieces typically are disks with a light and a dark face, each side belonging to one player.

The player’s goal is to have a majority of their colored pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent’s pieces as possible.

Hot Reversi takes this class game and adds a little bit of heat. Although you can turn the effects off to play the standard game things get much more exciting when they get hot.

The full effect version offers the ability to set the pieces on fire or call down lightning making the game even more competitive! The stronger your moves, the more powerful the effects are – and if they are strong enough, the board itself may even burn up or crack open. Hot Reversi HD breathes hot and exhilarating new life into the familiar Reversi game.

Reversi isn’t an easy game at the best of times and the additional hot features make it a little more fun. Playing the CPU is fun and I am pleased to say I actually beat it on my first game. The best fun comes with playing with another real life player though.


  • To increase the excitement, when you turn the pieces over, there are many special effects, such as fire or lightning.
  • The stronger the move, the more violent the fire/lightning effects will be.
  • Turn the effects off to enjoy a classic, quiet game of Reversi.
  • The BGM helps keep the game from becoming too incandescent.
  • Play with the CPU (1-player mode) or other people (2-player mode).
  • There is a RED-HOT Switch to each player’s right that allows him to disrupt his opponent’s concentration.
  • You can shake the board or make the pieces fly off, etc.
  • There is a function that allows you to choose to resume play where you left off after restarting the app.
  • You can select green or blue as the color of the board.
  • The tilt sensor allows players to view the board even when the iPad is tilted at a diagonal angle.
  • The app includes a 4-stage 3D viewpoint that allows richer enjoyment of the fire and lightning effects (from overhead to oblique viewpoints)
  • In 1-player mode, select whether you want to play black or white pieces.
  • In 1-player mode, select from fire-type or lightning-type effects.


Reversi is a hard game to explain but definitely addictive. If you like a game that challenges your mind and keeps your brain ticking Hot Reversi is a brilliant fun. The game currently costs ?2.39 ( a two week limited offer with the price increasing on 24th June). Get it here.

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