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Having Problems with FaceTime? Troubleshoot Now!

Having Problems with FaceTime? Troubleshoot Now!

The FaceTime technology from Apple is a fun app. It is also very easy to use. If you want to call someone, all you need is their email address or phone number. And which option to use? You can decide it going by the mechanism you are going to call. You may call them using their user id or phone number depending upon the device:

  • iPhone 4 : You can call a person by his phone number
  • iPod touch 4G : You can call a person using their email address registered with FaceTime.

If you are on iPod Touch, then you would have to add the other person as your contact before you proceed to call them. Apart from that, the email id that is being used on iPod touch should be verified with FaceTime. To confirm if an email id is verified, you can go to FaceTime in Settings. And from here you can take part in a video call with other iPhone users over Wi Fi connections.

Using FaceTime might be irritating at times, and you must know how to trouble shoot it. If you are getting problems while chatting, you can try these solutions:

  • Make sure that your date and time are correct. Though it might sound odd, but incorrect time stamps can prevent calls from going through.
  • Make sure that the area you are in has a good Wi Fi signal. This also goes for the one you are trying to call.
  • Are you using the correct method? For a user of iPhone 4, call them on phone number, and for iPod Touch, use their email address. And it needs to be user name and not the email id linked to account.

Have you experienced any other problems with FaceTime? Did you try these measures? Let us know about the problems you faced. Who knows… we might just have the solution you want.

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