Time Command Review

Waking up can be a chore sometimes so it helps if you have a decent alarm clock. Failing that, an iPhone will do just fine but better still, you could invest in a dock for your device that doubles as an

iPad Mini Review

The most notable thing about the iPad Mini, at least on a superficial level, is that it is smaller than the regular iPad, which has been a talking point since long before it was officially unveiled. But

Which iPad is Right for You?

The iPad Mini is out, as is the fourth generation iPad just six months after its previous incarnation. In fact the market is flooded with iPads now which is quite an achievement since it really isn’t that

Review of Western Digital My Book VelociRaptor Duo

Western Digital My Book VelociRaptor Duo

Thunderbolt ports can be found for PCs and Macs and now that Cactus Ridge has been introduced by Intel, the controller costs of Thunderbolt are falling rapidly. This is good news for consumers […]

Why Choose the iPad Mini?

The wait is finally over and if the rumours are true, the iPad Mini is being launched today. In fact there is a good chance it is happening right now as you read this. There has been much speculation over

Monster Inspiration Headphones Review

While the standard Apple EarPods that come with the iPhone 5 are acceptable enough, if underwhelming, there are more alternatives out there for those who are serious about their music and want to hear

Griffin StudioConnect for iPad Review

The iPad has always provided the perfect platform for the more creative applications out there, which is why Griffin StudioConnect is suited to it so ideally. If you have musical ambitions and want to

Apple to Become the World’s Top Pc Vendor

It is expected that Apple will become the leading manufacturer of operating systems in the world, overtaking the title from HP by the second half of the upcoming year. This prediction has been made by

iPhone 5 And iPad 3 Has Been Rumored This Week

A wireless carrier in Japan performed a dismissing action of the rumor which involved them along with the California based company, Cupertino Apple . According to the rumor it was posted that the offering

IPhone Buying Guide

Where the android is offering dozens of phones in the market, there Apple Inc. has released only five models of the iPhones only. In this only three models are being offered by Apple and the U.S carrier

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