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Do you hesitate when choosing a Mac, being not sure which one is the best? We are here to help you with our “Hardware Reviews” section. It features the reviews of popular hardware solutions. These reviews emphasize the most high-performing and reliable computers as well as their components, making it easy for you to choose exactly what you need. Our reviews contain only the latest info!

Orb Audio Mini-T Amp And Speakers

Orb Audio Series has been successful in creating a stellar reputation for excellent home audio with the help of their award winning modular high-end system based in and around the iconic speaker which […]

What to Expect From the Much-Awaited iPad 5?


With the impending release of precious information about the iPad 5, Apple fanatics continue to speculate about the innovative features of the highly anticipated tablet. Along with two new second gen iPad mini, […]

Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System Review

In theory the Bose SoundLink Air Digital Music System is portable, although in this respect the package falls at the first hurdle because a battery is not included. It is in fact an optional extra that

OtterBox Defender for iPhone 5 Review

As you may know, the iPhone 5 is both a highly valuable piece of hardware and all too easy to damage, at least superficially. While the scratches your iPhone can amass do not affect its performance, they

iPad Mini Keyboard Cases Hitting the Market

ipad mini keyboard case

Launched just a few months ago, the iPad Mini has quickly set about capturing an attentive audience. Released in order to compete with smaller tablets developed by its competitors, Apple’s iPad Mini falls […]

JaJa Pressure Sensitive Stylus for iPad Review

As the name suggests, among all the thousands of applications an iPad can support, one of the great things about it is that it can also act as a notepad which, simple as it is, is actually a very useful

Netatmo Weather Station for iOS Review

While there are plenty of weather apps that will keep you updated on the forecast for the week, actual weather stations for iOS devices are not so commonplace, which is why the Netatmo Weather Station

iPad 4 Review

The iPad 4 is here, even though no one was really anticipating it, especially not those who were enjoying their cutting edge third-generation iPads. But now they have been forced into obscurity by the

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