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Hands On: Apple's Podcast iOS App –

Hands On: Apple's Podcast iOS App

In iOS 6 beta 1 & beta 2 we were unable to search podcasts and also download podcasts but now Apple has just released a dedicated app for podcasts and you can download it now. The app shows off Apple’s attention to detail with the brand new player which is in the style of a tape deck.

A lot of podcasters have had different thoughts on this app and the way Apple has split podcasts from the iTunes app. This could be a good thing but could also mean that podcasts will become like iTunes U and iBooks and by that I mean only a certain person will use the apps.

A thing which would really help podcasts is if the new podcasts app already comes installed in iOS 6. If this does not happen this could have a big affect on the size of podcasters audience and will make it even harder to grow.


Download It Here :

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