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Griffin’s Crayola Light Marker is Now Available

We all know how much these younglings love our electronics have it be our smartphones or tablets. However, when it comes to coloring, do your kids color on the walls or areas they are not supposed to? Griffin Technology in partnership with Crayola has released the Crayola Light Marker for your iPad & iPad Mini.

The way it works is that the Light Marker “sends an invisible beam of light to the iPad’s front-facing camera and the movement is detected and interpreted into drawings that magically appear on the screen.” It creates a hands-off-screen experience. The Light Marker is boxed with an iPad stand to help create the feeling that the iPad is their canvas.

The app has a digital Crayola Crayon Box with digital markers, crayons, paintbrushes, stamps and more. The application has share features you would expect from an iOS device which include email, uploaded to Facebook, and printed directly from your iPad. The application is free and can be found through the App Store.

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift or new toy for your kid you might want to check out Griffin’s Crayola Light Marker. Retail price goes for $29.99 and can found at Griffin’s Store.


  • Digital marker and free downloadable app for iPad
  • Light Marker uses invisible light to play games and create on your iPad screen without touching it
  • Fun in the dark with free downloadable Light Marker App – 6 activities and and hours of fun.
  • iPad stand included

Learn more at Griffin Technology Store 

Six fun activities included in Application:

  • Dot to Dot: Connect the dots to see what appears
  • Splatter Paint: Pop the balloons for colorful splattery fun
  • Scene Starter: Paint in the air using your Light Marker to color in scenes
  • Hide ‘n Seek: Find hidden objects in dark rooms with the Light Marker flashlight
  • Puzzles: Move the pieces into place with your Light Marker
  • Free Draw: Draw with neon crayons, markers and effects

Download iPad Application HERE

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