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Gridditor for iPhone and iPad App Review

Gridditor for iPhone and iPad App Review

If there’s one thing the iPhone screen is good for it is photos, as is the iPad, especially when the iOS 6 update is implemented. The original iPhone was and still is an excellent camera and the image quality has only improved with each new incarnation of these mobile devices. But with great photography comes great photo editing software, some of which just provides a fun way to manipulate photos while others are genuinely useful for enhancing and optimising your photographic masterpiece. Gridditor aims to be the latter, while also providing as simple a method for achieving this as possible.

Gridditor is a filtering app that lets you try out a diverse range of features on a photo quickly and easily. It does this by displaying several versions of the picture you wish to enhance in a grid, with the original in the centre as a reference point. How it displays the various filters is rather creative as you can designate one to each of the four sides of the grid, and the further you move along it in a particular direction, the stronger that filter becomes.

Not only is this a great way to try out one filter with different intensities but by moving diagonally you can also combine the two for a whole new look. There are 19 different filters and effects to choose from but rather than go through them individually, you can opt for four chosen at random, which can result in some interesting combinations you may not have considered before.


The grid is easy to explore with a few swipes and if you want to take a closer look at one of the pictures you can enlarge it with a simple tap. A check in the corner will allow you to confirm that particular enhancement and designate that version the new original. You will then be able to carry on experimenting with further filters or stop and settle for the new version you have created.

Sharing is also easy, whether you want to post it on Facebook or Twitter, attach it to an email or send it on to one of your contacts. You can also save it in your camera roll. Once that is done you can choose a new photo and start the process all over again. You can also open the finished pictures in a separate app if you wish to continue editing.

Gridditor is available for most devices available at the moment, starting from the iPhone 3GS, third generation iPod Touch and iPad onwards. However you will need to have iOS 6 installed in order to run it. Obviously the latest products will be best, especially since it is optimised for the iPhone 5.

Gridditor currently has an introductory price of $0.99 so now is the time to snap it up. If you are in any way photographically inclined then this is one to check out as it is easy to use and very effective. It may be restricted to filtering but it does this very well.

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