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Great Mac Apps

Great Mac Apps

The app store has been on our phones and iPod’s for quite some time, but not it is available on our computers. Now using the moniker ‘app’ for all programs not just on mobile devices, Apple have stepped up their game and released an app store that includes apps for your home computer and notebook as well as your iPad and iPod touch. While some of these apps will be similar, most of them will be different because they are better used on the bigger screen of a laptop or desktop computer. Of course, the mac app store also includes the staple apps such as Pages, Numbers, and even the upgrade to Lion. Here are a few more of the great mac apps that you

can download now:

–         Compartments

This is a great app that helps you to keep a track of everything that you have in your home. From listing your kitchen appliances to naming your entire book collection, you can do this and keep the information in one handy location. But this isn’t just an app for people who love to catalogue things; it’s great for the unfortunate emergency or a robbery or natural disaster. Not only do you write down what you have but you can insert pictures and specific information like make, model, and serial number. This way, if your house ever gets robbed or items get damaged in a natural disaster you know exactly what you had—just make sure you save this to the iCloud otherwise there’s no point in having the list if your device gets stolen or destroyed.

–         Flight control HD

It’s not all serious work on your mac, and this game shows how fun the mac app store can be. Flight control was an iPhone game now available on your mac. Simple to learn yet challenging to master; you control a number of airplanes flying into and out of an airport in Flight control HD. You have to direct their path of approach and descent and you have to make sure that they don’t hit each other. For those who loved this on their smaller devices look out for better looking graphics and more levels for the mac game.

–         Little snapper

This is an app that web designers will love but others will have little to no interest in, yet it is one of the best at the app store and it does symbolise the great leaps forward that exist in Apple software. This app allows you to easily capture and catalogue images of web pages so you can start your own design album. Rather than taking rudimentary screen caps and saving them in paint or another such program, this app gives you the ability to save the pictures in the highest quality and to make notes on the different aspects of the page.

–         Pixelmator

Pixelmator is an easy to use but powerful photo editing app. This is the design app that soon everyone in schools and universities will be using because of how much you can do with the one app rather than having to export the image to another app or program to get the desired effect. It is also very easy to learn and to understand; you will find that after the basic tutorials you will understand where certain controls are and you won’t have to ask for help very often at all. In this app there are over 20 tools for selecting, painting, cropping, typing, retouching, and measuring so you have complete control over what your final image will be. Anyone from beginner designers to experts will love this app.

–         YummySoup!

Create your own recipe book series with this wonderful app. The simple design and intelligent navigation allows you to easily enter your own recopies for reference or for sharing. Organise your recopies into breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner categories as well as easy or hard to make, and start your collection from there. Insert photos from every step of the way or just of the big smiles from those who eat it. You can export the ingredients list into a shopping list too, so you will never be lost in the shops.

The mac app store has a lot of great apps that aren’t just for you mobile device so log on and start searching now.

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