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Gmail for iPhone and iPad Update Review

Gmail for iPhone and iPad has been given a complete overhaul, although it may look familiar to some. It has not been long since Google acquired Sparrow but now just five months later it is very easy to see its influence present in the design of the brand new iOS Gmail. Your opinion of Gmail so far may vary but in its new incarnation with its improved design and features, it has become an excellent email app and if you are an iPhone or iPad user, you may want to give this one a chance. Gmail 2.0 is available now for free in the App Store.

There is a lot to like in this new 2.0 version and the interface has greatly improved. It not only looks a lot better but it also functions more smoothly too and there are many touches that make it vastly superior to previous versions, including a hidden sidebar, a handy paperclip icon that allows you to effortlessly add attachments to emails, the option of opening up to five accounts, each with their own individual signatures as created by you and many more. Gestures also work better while some well-placed animations add a little bit of life to the proceedings without overdoing it.

The search function has also been refined and is much more effective now. Autocomplete predictions help speed up your searches while you type and it also integrates better with Google Calendar and Google+, both of which you can access through the Gmail app. If you are invited to an event through Calendar, you can easily reply here, while Google+ posts also show up and you can +1 them or comment without having to leave the app.

Gmail is now much easier to navigate around too and the experience is far more polished. The use of gestures is particularly effective, while scrolling or switching between screens allows for a very smooth transition. This is how email apps should be- good to look at and easy to use. Google has not only rivalled the resident iOS mail app, it has also surpassed it.

Any doubts that sceptics may have had about Gmail should be put to rest when they try out the new and improved version for iOS. Gmail may have been far from perfect before but it has come a long way with this update and the quality of it becomes evident the moment you download it. Many iOS users may be satisfied with Apple’s own email app but they will be pleasantly surprised if they try this one out. The overall design of the app looks amazing and the interface is much more accessible to work with. With a superior design, better controls and various little flourishes that make the experience more enjoyable, Google has made its mark in the email app market with an update that is in fact better than the one provided by Apple. If you want a new email client on your device, this Gmail 2.0 is worth checking out.

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