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Getting Better Notified With Your Revamped Notification Center

All the applications of iOS or several third party applications include some form of notification feature. For many of the iOS users, it has become a hub from where most of the information is being accessed as well as communicating with others throughout the day. Everybody wants to remain updated with all the e-mails, Twitter messages, latest news, weather reports, calendar appointments, game updates and several other such things without even getting into the hassle of opening up several different applications.

Before the launching of the iOS 5, the notification application tends to pop-up onto the screen within the iOS device which sometimes annoys the user quite a lot, especially if you are in the middle of a conversation or playing a game. With the introduction of the new Notification Center, this issue has been resolved completely.

How it works

The application of Notification Center, tends to collect all the notifications such as text messages, e-mail messages, Reminders, calendar appointments and other information into a single place. This application also has the option of being displayed in the Lock screen mode and can also be swiped down with the help of one finger from the top of the screen that can be done from within any program.

Setting up of notifications

Since, any of the applications of iOS holds some sort of notifications feature, the user definitely wants some time so as to enable or disable the notifications you require to receive the alerts from and how they are to be received. These options have been made part of the iOS devices since its last two up gradations but the release of iOS 5, this feature will be enhanced significantly.

Inside the application of Notifications, there will be presented a list of all the applications which are currently activated within the Notification Center along with those that are not enabled.

First thing is that, the user can also sort out the order of the groups of notifications as to how they will appear in it. In case you choose for default settings, these groups will be sorted as per the applications. Moreover, the user can also sort applications on the basis of date and time onto which they have arrived or have been updated.  These Notifications will display on the basis of the most recent update.

Alert style

The next aspect is to decide as to how the notifications will be displayed. As default settings by Apple, these notifications will appear in the form of a small banner placed on the top of the screen or in the form of an alert notice within the Lock screen mode. The banner alerts tends to appear out for a few seconds and then vanishes away automatically. There are also several other style features and the user has to decide as to which notification is best for your iOS device.

Wish list

Within the Notification Center, there is much to look for such as the Quick Look preview of all the e-mail messages, voice announcements of designated messages and alerts along with the ability to tap onto the Reminder as done.

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