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Get Leaked Facebook iPad App With Out Being Jailbroke

Here are the steps to get the leaked Facebook iPad app without being jail-breaking

First of all you will need the free iPhone Explorer (download here). After that, follow these steps:

  • connect your iPad to your computer
  • install the iPhone version of the Facebook app on your iPad
  • fire up the downloaded iPhone Explorer; your connected iPad should be listed there
  • inside iPhone Explorer open the Facebook folder under “Apps”
  • navigate to the subfolder called “” and open it
  • copy the file “info.plist” to your desktop and open it (you may want to use TextWrangler or Xcode, both available for free on the Mac AppStore)
  • change the value of “UIDeviceFamily” to “2”
  • copy “info.plist” back to your iPad via iPhone Explorer (replace the old version)
  • DONE

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