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Get Back Lost Mac App Store Downloads

Get Back Lost Mac App Store Downloads

There are many things that happen to us. Some of those things are pleasant while some are annoying. And then some things are highly frustrating. There are tons of frustrating things, and one of them is losing your apps.

Imagine this scenario – you wanted an app so you looked for it. If it is a paid app, chances are that you did some research. Found some reviews, and read the comments etc. You might have even visited the developer’s website and posted your own comments. You might have talked to your friends about the app and its uses. After confirming everything, you visit the Mac App Store and find the app there. You log in, pay for the app and start downloading it.

And then the next fine minute you lose it.

There are many reasons for losing the download. Lets say you were downloading the app and your laptop ran out of battery. Or you just lost connectivity for some time. Or maybe your computer froze – there are tons of reasons. And what’s the result? Your download isn’t finished and the app is not installed.

This is a highly frustrating situation and can lead to a lot of mental disturbance. But you shouldn’t worry, because all you have to do is to resume the download. There might be a problem if you don’t know how to do it. So here are the simple steps to help you with the download.

1. Visit the Mac App Store.

2. Sign in to access your account. Use your Apple user Id and your password.

3. Select the app and click on Purchase.

You would see that now the Install button has been replaced by Resume button. You can click on it and resume the download. It’s a pretty easy process and you don’t have to spend money again on the same app for which you have paid once.

No matter what happens, you will always get your favorite app. Tell us what you think about it. Send us your views through the comments section.

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