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GarageBand for iPad Review

The iPad has too many functions to list but chances are, whatever organisational, creative or any other plans you intend to carry out, there is a way to achieve it on the iPad. Now with GarageBand you can add music production to that list. We already know there are ways to record audio onto your iPad if you own the right equipment but that is only half of the battle and once you have the sound on there, you need the software to rework it into the masterpiece you can hear in your head every time you pick up a guitar. But there are quite a few music production apps out there with varying quality, so where does GarageBand stand?

Well considering the software is easy to use but capable of creating professional sounds, coupled with the fact that it comes in at the low price of $4.99, it not only stands up to comparison with other music apps, it towers over them. This is a seriously good piece of software that demands the attention of any iPad owner with musical ambitions.

With GarageBand you can create music from scratch. Start it up and you will be presented a choice of simulated instruments to play using the touchscreen including a keyboard and drums. But you also have the choice of hooking up your electric guitar and recording directly into the app for further manipulation, while a recording mode allows you to capture your vocal talents too.

Choose a touch instrument and an appropriate interface will appear for you to play. These interfaces are all sensitive to how hard you tap the screen for added realism and workability but the real pleasure is in customising instruments to suit the sound you need. For example, there are over 70 alternatives in the keyboard mode, ranging from grand piano to synthesiser, giving you a lot of freedom for the type of music you want to record, be it classical or electronic.

Recording couldn’t be easier. Once you select your instrument and set the tempo you just press the record button and start playing. Instruments are simulated accurately and you can layer eight different tracks over each other, before editing them all into one coherent song. Editing recordings is easy and a bit of dragging and snipping will soon have you creating some professional sounding tunes. As well as instruments there are also pre-recorded loops you can play around with, edit and add at leisure to enhance your song.

What it won’t do is teach you how to play an instrument but in terms of recording, it is the ideal tool for beginners to jump straight in and make a mini masterpiece. Instruments work in such a way that any mistakes are corrected and are essentially played for you. You imagine it and GarageBand makes it happen, with a few directions from you. Whether you can play an instrument or not, this is an excellent way to begin a career in home recording that is affordable, easy to use and effective.

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