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Gallery : 69 Stunning Photos taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone App

Gallery : 69 Stunning Photos taken with the Hipstamatic iPhone App

We recently reviewed the nifty Hipstamatic photo app for iPhone (read the review here). As part of the review we asked our seven by five readers you to add your best hipstamatic photos to the Seven by Five Flickr group. The resultant submission were stunning especially given they were all taken on a camera phone.

Here are just a few of the photos added, you can still add photos to the group, just make sure they are tagged “hipstamatic” I am sure the developers will release even more film and lens add-ons, offering even greater scope for creativity. Remember to click on an image to leave a comment on the user’s flickr page.

The Field

Waiting #photo #iphonography #hipstamatic


Hip 047 : Up

Blenheim sheep


and in my dream there was


Cape Cornwall

Me (Iphone Hipstamatic picture)

Yellow tube

Pike Public Market

The four though Canadians (Color)

The fast growing flowerfield ver.1

Running Scared

Awaiting spring

Not very crowded in central Berlin


Shiny Flower

Ghost Teo


Out There

Converse Shadow

113/365 - Has This Mini Had It's Last Adventure

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

Eli In The Sun

Brabo Is Happy That The Sun Shines

The Sun Is Not That Big

Waiting #2

Wow, what a good spot for a group photo!

Dreaming of walking on water

Welcome back!

Sunset, Hudson River, NYC



waiting to fly



Space Needle


Big Wheel

Cloudy with a chance

go south

View From a Beer Garden

Sunset (Hipstamatic Contest Entry)

Sunday Walk

Strange skies (hipstamatic)


Cricket Pavilion

iPhone photo

iPhone photos

sin titulo

Peace man

Look up!

You can't get there from here

The Lagan Walk



sea nettles

caution track

Hoop dreamin'



To read just how great the Hipstamatic app is click here. It definitely brings a fun and creative factor to taking photos on your iPhone. It even tempts me to use it for a photo 365.

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