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Gain Full Keyboard and Mouse Control in 10.5’s Screen Sharing

Gain Full Keyboard and Mouse Control in 10.5's Screen Sharing

Although, there are several things about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard version, but the most like feature is the in-built screen sharing tool. If you have several systems within your home the option of screen sharing has highly eased the task of managing all the systems. When you require performing a task from any other Mac system, all you have to do is to get connected via the screen sharing option, do what you want to do and then deactivate the screen sharing session.

Although, the feature works perfect for almost 99% of the work that is to be done, but, there are times when you get frustrated by the way your keyboard reacts within the screen sharing mode. Under many aspects, what is being typed is interpreted by the remote system. However, there are a few key combinations which are captured by the local machine and are gone unnoticed by the remote Mac.

Another tiring situation associated with the screen sharing option is that it does not hold any method of transferring files within this mode. You cannot drag and drop a file on to your local Mac within the window of screen sharing so as to transfer it to the remote Mac, however, text selections can be easily dragged and dropped from one Mac to another via the screen sharing mode.

The last problem with the screen sharing is that when using the mode on something less than a full screen mode, the mouse cursor is not bound to the window of the screen sharing option. Such a situation might lead to accidental mouse clicks which many times tend to drive the user out of the remote back and back into the local one.

All these issue can be resolved by combining the screen sharing feature with teleport, which is a free program and has the features to connect several Mac systems with one keyboard and mouse.

Teleport can be defined as a virtual keyboard/mouse switch box and has been especially formulated for those environments where there are several Mac systems installed in a closer proximity aspect. Through teleport, the user can export all keyboard and mouse based activities on to other Mac systems, by simply dragging the cursor of the mouse off a designated screen edge on to the master Mac.

So, if you tend to install such a setup within your Mac environment, you will be able to remove all the keyboards and mouse options from all the Mac systems except for one and use the teleport feature when you want to access any other Mac system. Moreover, the teleport feature also does not require Mac systems to be closely installed – it is simple as that – if it is being used alone, you will be in a deep requirement to see the monitor of every other remote Mac so as to have a view about the happenings on it. This is the point where the screen sharing option enters into the scene. By combining both the features of screen sharing and teleport, you tend to receive the best of the applications: from screen sharing you will be able to view about the activities of another Mac which is not in close to you and on the other hand, with the teleport, you will be able to deliver all the relevant keyboard as well as mouse activities to your local machine.

Now, when this problem is solved out, the next issue pertains to file transfer. If you are need to transfer files within the screen sharing mode via teleport, all you have to do is to drag a file on to your master Mac on to a given system’s screen edge, activate the teleport, and then drop the particular file within the screen sharing window on to the required folder on the remote Mac. Moreover, the teleport feature is also inclusive of a clipboard syncing tool so as to sync the clipboards automatically between several computers.

Though, all this might sound quite confusing to you, but, in actual, it is very simpler when it is put into operation. Moreover, the performance level is also guaranteed. If you are among those Mac users who use the screen sharing option a lot, but found it very difficult by some of the mouse and keyboard as well as file transferring issues, adding in the teleport option will turn the end result as very positive.

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