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Gadget Show Live 2013: PowerCases – Power and Protect

During our visit to the Gadget Show Live we found PowerCases, a UK based company that develop specialist, robust cases with in-built batteries. They produce a wide variety of cases for all of Apples latest devices.

PowerCases produce stylish strong cases that implement a second battery within the case itself. The cleverly hidden second battery effectively doubles the battery life of the phone itself without any addition bulk. The battery can be easily charged with your regular iOS device charger so you needn’t worry about extra wires either.

We looked at the companies classic edition for the iPhone 4S and noticed the product also offered screen protection as well as on-the-go power. The battery was very smartly packed into the case and didn’t weigh much more than we expected. The phone fitted nicely into the case and felt solid enough to withstand some of our previous tests on the *LifeProof Case* we reviewed before.

The case itself can be bought in many different styles including the Sleeve, Carbon Fibre and Bumper editions with colour options available. However, we were most impressed with the Sonic edition which features a integrated speaker and a pop-out stand, all, amazingly adding very little extra weight. Once your iPhone has ran out of juice, simply tap the button on the screen and it begins to charge. The Sonic edition is available from PowerCase’s website for only ?39.99.

Aside from the iPhone, PowerCases offer cases for the iPad as well as Samsung, Blackberry and HTC devices. Cases for the iPhone 5 are available for ?44.99 and offer the similar ability to double your battery life. The iPad case give your the ability to stand your iPad up at multiple orientations.
The unique revolving shell encloses a 7800mAh battery that can not only charge your iPad but other suitable devices too.

You can find more of our Gadget Show Live 2013 from our Gadget Show Hub

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