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Gadget Show Live 2013: Cooler Master Cases

Cooler Master had an impressive stand on at the Gadget Show 2013, we had the great opportunity to get an interview with them and discuss their latest Apple orientated product range.

We talked about one of their latest products – the L-Stand – in a previous article. However, Cooler Master have a wider range of stands available, namely the ROC, JAS Pro, Wave, Clutch and Cube. We took a look at all these mobile stands and wrote a brief description on each. If you are interested in a brief overview skip the later section of the article for our run down on each product.

This is defiantly one of the most low profile stands with a unique vertical holder for your MacBook or iPad in multiple orientations. The stand features a sturdy non-slip rubber base that prevents scratches and creates a clutter free desk. At the moment it’s available in black and white at cost of ?41.99 from Ebuyer at the time of writing ( However, we can see a lot of speculation that in the future, Cooler Master will offer this holder in a range of colours.

This is an Aluminum Stand for just the MacBook, however, its stylish framework turns your Macbook into a slimline mini desktop tower. It helps assist cable management by freeing up space at the side of the MacBook as well as keeping it strongly in place. We could see how the L-Stand was a clever chic way to clean up your desktop. It also offers clean and tidy interior rubber lining to prevent scratching to your Macbook, which many other stands in the market lack. At the time of writing the L-Stand is available from Ebuyer for ?29.99 (

The JAS Pro is probably one of our favorite stands, withs its aluminum framework it consists of a rubber interior to prevent scratches as well as a flexible, fold-able stand that allows the user to adjust the height of the Macbook. This flexibility allows for optimal viewing angle as well as still looking stylish. Furthermore, it works for all MacBooks, iPads and many other devices, which we were most impressed with. This a high quality contender with Apples own advertised Griffin stand ( We think its much better because of the ability to alter height, however it comes at a higher price tag at ?42.99 ( Although for the quality and maneuverability it is defiantly worth it. This is defiantly a product to consider if you are a musicians or DJ because of the low profile, mobile design as well as the accessibility it offers.

The Cooler Master Wave is defiantly an intriguing product. It consists of a unique stand that can actually hold almost any device, not just your MacBook or iPad. The universal holder has a central arm designed with a dial wheel function so its easy to adjust the height of a tablet PC or Macbook, for the most comfortable user experience. It can be neatly packed away as well so its small, light weight frame can be easily taken to carry on the go. We tested the Wave out with an iPad and a Flyer and it provided a solid reliable fixture to the devices in multiple orientations. The Wave is available from Amazon for ?55.90 (

Cooler Master also showed us the Clutch which is an aluminum stand for your Macbook or Ultrabook. The clutch is ideal for holding your device while it is plugged into an external monitor due to the great access to ports for idealistic cable management. It again contains the incredibly useful non-abrasive interior rubber lining to protect your device from scratches as well as a offering non-slip rubber base. We concluded this stand was excellent for cleaning up space on your desk if you want to attach your device to a external monitor. The Clutch can be bought from Amazon for ?45.99 (

The cube is another one of Cooler Masters very differently designed stands, with an interesting collapsible stand that can be altered for different viewing angles. The stand contains rubber feet that ‘hook’ your Macbook or iPad into place. The clever part about these ‘hooks’ is that they open up a small gap at the bottom for charging your device in a clean stylish way. The adjustable holders can be altered as well to secure your device tightly into place. Once you have done with it can be easily folded into a flat cube which is incredibley portable so it can fit inside any bag. The Cube can be bought from Amazon for ?37.69 (

All in all, we were very impressed with the stands Cooler Master had to offer. Our favorite is probably the JAS Pro, we can see it being perfect for performers and musicians as it centers your MacBook in a stylish manor with the ability to alter the viewing angle, which would be excellent for live performances. However, if you are looking for something to optimize your desk space, defiantly consider either the L-Stand or the Clutch as the can stand your device vertically to reduce the amount of space it can consume. The L-Stand and Clutch also both offer easy cable management to tidy away those unsightly wires, especially if you choose to connect your device to an external monitor. If you are the type of person who needs a stand on the go then the Cube or the Wave might be the thing for you. They offer light weight reliable designs which can easily be packed away into a bag and set up when required. The Roc is probably the customizable stand, we can see Cooler Master offering this stand in multiple colours as its shiny outer layer can come in either Black or White, however this can be changed in the future to allow for custom colours and so its therefore one to watch.

Cooler Master quoted these products as `Lifestyle Products` rather than accessories, this shows crucially how they are trying to reach into the area of reliable home-ware products that look excellent as well as useful. Defiantly check out there products in the links provided or head over to the website to view the full range ( View the interview for more details from Cooler Master themselves.

All Prices stated include VAT, and are quoted at the time of writing. Prices and availability may vary soon after this article has been published.

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