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Gadget Show Live 2013: Cambrionix – Series8 Charging Station

The small niche company called Cambrionix from Cambridge were showing off some of there latest products at the Gadget Show Live 2013. Their newest product, the Cambrionix series8, is the ultimate in USB charging. It aims to fulfil the requirements of a multitude of charges with one simple device. We too a look at their product to let you know what we thought of it.

The clever little series8 packs in a massive 8 usb ports on its exterior to meet the needs of all of your power hungry devices. It can handle anything from your iPad, Amazon Kindle or even a USB powered lamp, which impressed us considering its small compact size. All it needs is a mains line in from your average household socket and it can pump out an incredible amount of power. It performs excellently when all ports are attached to a device which showed off how powerful this product really was.

The Cambrionix series8 also features some awesome looking light effects on top which back up as a sound reactive light show for when you are playing some tunes. It works really well when the music is at a reasonable sound level producing an impressive visuals. We considered it more of a home lifestyle product rather than your average USB charger.

It’s classy design defiantly beats anything we have seen before within in this area. Plus, it worked with any device we could throw at it. The visuals on top also just show how exquisite this product actually is. We defiantly recommend the series8 for any charging needs, its something that would look comfortable in a posh kitchen rather than a mess of wires to meet your families needs.

The series8 is unavailable at the moment, however, keep to up to date with there site to find out more It is defiantly one to check out!

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