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Free Substitutes for Mac Software Tools

Free Substitutes for Mac Software Tools

There are many paid apps in the market, but there are always some free options that you can find. If you do not want to spend a lot of money, but still desire great apps, then here are some free software apps to replace their paid versions:


__________________________________________________________________________________________________We We all know that Photoshop is brilliant, but it stands at $700, and if you do not want all the detailing and just the basics, then you can get the Seashore app for free. It has a simple and clean interface, and gives enough functions to keep people happy. It works on a good tool set along with alpha channels and layers. You can find many image editing options in menu bar.



AppZapper would cost you $13 and will delete your plug-ins, preference panes, widgets and applications. Its replacement can be found by Free Mac Soft as AppCleaner that is very similar to the original one. You just need to drag an app from folder to the window of AppCleaner and that application will be deleted. You can later find the files under AppCleaner.



Pages would cost you $20, and it comes along iWork by Apple. No doubt it is brilliant, but in case you want to save some money, you can get OpenOffice. It runs on OS X, and it is quite fast and smooth.

It is an entire office suite and contains spreadsheets, presentation building, and word processor, along with a drawing app.



MainMenu is great for system maintenance, but it will cost you $19. So you can opt for IceClean instead and get the same functions for free.

IceClean has many features along with a number of options like force ejecting CDs/DVDs, searching network information, clearing caches, maintaining routine scripts, checking disk permissions etc. If you are an advanced user, then this utility will definitely attract you.



DaisyDisk will cost you $20 and will tell you how your hard drive space is being allocated.

Diskwave will do it for free, but its visual effects aren’t that appealing. When you put the system on scan, it will show the files in the finder, and order them from biggest to smallest, and will color code them according to their size.

Do you want an app but don’t want to spend your money on it? Write to us and let us know about it. We might just suggest a free replace
ment for it.

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