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Four Reasons Why We Love Siri

Sir is the newest system to come out of Apple and that has been released on the iPhone 4S. This great device is already becoming the stuff of legend with her quick witted responses and intelligent communication, as well as her understanding of the way that we humans speak. Siri is in the Beta stage of the iPhone 4S but while that means that there’s still some bugs in the system it’s not that many. Here are the top four reasons why we love Siri:

1-     We don’t have to learn how to talk to her

Siri understands common phrases and listens for word cues rather than needing the entire sentence to register what is being asked. The best example is when you want her to tell you the weather forecast or to look something up online. You don’t have to list off a bunch of commands but you can simply say “will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” and she will respond with something like “Yes, it looks like rain” and the weather forecast will appear on the screen. The way she responds is very fluid too, and soon you’ll find yourself chatting to her like she’s a normal gal.

2-     She’s no normal gal

And she reminds you of this when you ask what her favourite colour is or what she is. Apple has spent a great deal of time programming some snappy comebacks into the system so you can even have a joke or two with her. One of the most popular making its way around the internet at the moment is her response to the phrase “I have to hide a dead body”- Siri asks if you’re looking for a foundry, a swamp, a mine, and a list of others.

3-     She’s a great for taking care of your day to day tasks

After you get over the novelty of her, you’ll find that Siri is a great help in many different scenarios. Apple includes a few of these on the official Siri video such as using Siri to respond to a text message even when you’re driving or telling her to put on the timer when you’re putting dinner in the oven. Siri has many more uses than just these in helping to make the iPhone 4S more accessible to everyone. Blind people love Siri because she helps them to find their way around the phone a lot quicker, and even people with slight vision impairment can use Siri to set alarms and to send text messages. Even now when you’re reading you could ask Siri to look up the meaning of a word that you see here.

4-     She takes dictation

Siri is the perfect system for people who love to talk aloud rather than write down their ideas. Dictate a message to your kids, an e-mail to your boss, your FaceBook status update, and then create a list in notes app for the ideas that you want to incorporate in your next blog.

Siri can do some amazing things, and since she’s in the beta stage you’ll find that she’ll just keep getting better and better.

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