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Four Reasons To Love iOS 5

Okay, so mac iOS 5 has been out for a little while now and it’s passed through the normal review phases—the excited phase, the honeymoon phase, the trial and error phase—and now it’s in the last phase, acceptance. Just like in the final stages of grief, there comes a time with every new piece of technology or update where everybody accepts that it’s part of day to day life. Remember, there was a time when portable music was played on bulky CD players (and before that book boxes) before the MP3 player emerged and no one carried CDs around. The iOS 5 update has broken into the last phase now. This author was talking with two users of the update who laughed when discussing the differences between the older versions, they forgot there was even a previous way to message people. A staff member at the Apple store also faced some embarrassment when this author brought in a phone that didn’t have the update. The staff member tried for five minutes to lower the notification centre before being told that the phone wasn’t running iOS 5.

So now that users have accepted iOS 5 as a regular part of their lives, here are the four main things that they love about it. The users questioned put all of the iOS 5 functions to test after a holiday and convention.

1-     iMessage

Clearly the number one selling point for this update, iMessage allows users to communicate for free using their data rather than their cellular network charges. Trying to figure out someone’s location in a large conference area can be quite time consuming, but the two users found that iMessage saved the day because they could easily communicate with each other without having to worry about lack of cell reception or the cost of continuous texting. The iMessage app also allows the user to have a group conversation with people like an instant message chat room so everyone is updated on the plan or someone’s location. The iMessage app is used in conjunction with normal text messaging so the users could transfer seamlessly between conversations with people using Android or older model cell phones too.

2-     use of the ‘+’ button to take photos

The number one thing that people do on holiday is take photos, and having easy access to a camera is half the battle. The iOS 5 update allows people to take a photo even when the screen is locked so you don’t have to fumble with your phone and start the camera app—a process which can take seconds but can result in the photo moment passing.

3-     tweeting right from the camera roll

Of course, once you’ve taken the photo you want to share it. The iOS 5 update allows people to tweet the photo directly from the camera roll without having to open the Twitter app (now available) or connect the phone to a computer.

4-     notification centre

Last but not least, the notification centre meant that these two people were updated but not interrupted when they got a new message or update.

So there you have it- the best four reasons to love iOS 5, tested in a real world scenario.

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