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FMFinder App Review

When you look at just how much music is being created all over the world from many different sources every day, you realise just how easy it is to miss out on something good. While the charts are an obvious source for popular new releases, it is rarely a reliable indicator for what you might like and you might have more luck exploring live bands in local clubs, trawling YouTube for undiscovered talent or simply Googling a genre and seeing what results it comes up with. Fortunately there are many music services designed to help you find new music you might like, such as Last FM, and a new one has hit the App Store. FMFinder is just $0.99 and works on all devices.

But is it actually any good? With stiff competition in the music discovery stakes, any new app needs to have a lot going for it in order to rise above the rest and unfortunately FMFinder does not quite manage it. However it is not a total failure either and might still be worth your time.

FMFinder does at least acknowledge the existence of such services as the excellent Last FM and even incorporates it into its search, so it should surely be the best app yet for this kind of thing, but misses the mark. With FMFinder you can base your search on whatever’s playing, songs from your iPod music library, Last FM songs and iTunes songs. You can then filter your results by titles or artists.

Visually it does produce an innovative way of presenting song recommendations, as your selected song appears in a web, which is connected to 16 similar songs you might like. Tap one of the choices and you will get to view a preview video of the song. It will also open up links to related YouTube videos, display facts about the song and even offer the option to buy and download the song. Another button allows you to open up a new web of related songs. This is all admittedly cool and sounds great in theory.

But unfortunately the app is let down by several flaws. The app crashes a lot which is very frustrating and it can take several attempts to successfully select a song. The interface also needs work and the web design is not so great in practise, especially on the screens of smaller devices where the writing is way too small and difficult to read. The app also gets confused by songs with similar titles and while the recommendation can be honest, it often links you to the wrong song.

These flaws make the app a huge disappointment as it has a lot of potential and could have been something special. But great ideas are not enough to make a great app and it needs some serious retooling if it is going to live up to its promise. However there is room for improvement and a few updates could easily fix the app and make it into a must-have music service. Hopefully this will happen soon.

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