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Fluid for Mac

The application of Fluid has a characteristic of creating out an application from within a website. If you have a much frequent use of a particular website, this application alone will come out to be quite handy. For instance, if there is a requirement of a browser that is required for the Gmail account only, you can easily make one up by making use of Fluid along with creating its own icon, downloading of directory as well as some other settings. Perhaps you might also have heard about the Facebook tracking service which tends to track out users even when they are not logged in and also wants to have a web browser which will be specifically used for the Facebook website only.

As soon as you start using the application of Fluid, the uses associates with the per site web browser tends to display out simply everywhere. This program is also very useful for creating one of your own web hosting company’s web browsers which will also be inclusive of bookmarks bar, supporting links, mail settings and several other items.

If there is any website which includes a much better version of the iPad than the regular available version, create a per site web browser for that particular website and then set the User Agent to that particular iPad from within the menu.  Unlike the Safari web browser, these settings will remain even if the application is closed down and then restarted.

The program of Fluid has been made available free of cost but, if you pay a nominal amount of $5, you will get some of the few extra features which are as follows:

  • Minimizes the application within the menu bar rather than within the Dock.
  • Full screen mode available for Mac OS X Lion only.
  • Userstyles or Userscripts.
  • A completely separate storage space for cookies as the cookies are usually shared with the Safari web browser.

The full screen mode is although, a default portion of the program but the remaining three are quite worth the amount paid. On the other hand, if you operate more than one accounts of the Google mail service, separate cookies can be used so as to make up separate browser applications for every single one which made the process a much easier one. The same rule implies for Twitter, Facebook or any other such social interface website. Having a separate cookie for Facebook literally means that the website will not be able to track you out when you are not in direct use with the website. Moreover, if you are worried about the invasion of any website within your privacy limits, simply create a for that website and maintain the settings apart from the other sites.

Are you also a fan of listening to the Internet radio? You can also create a browser which will only be appeared within the menu bar and can also be easily controlled without getting the dock cluttered up. Make use of a web based calendar, simply create out a browser for it, configure the User Agent to the iPhone and place it within the menu bar for having a quick reference.

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