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Flappy Bird eBay Auction Tops $200,000 Mark In Sell-off

Flappy Bird eBay Auction Tops $200,000 03k In Sell-off

Flappy Bird eBay auctions have been selling like hotcakes after the app was removed by its creator and some devices are topping $40,000

UPDATE: Grab a rare flappy bird phone starting at $250 by clicking HERE

The flappy bird app lets you tap the screen to keep the bird in the air, however it has been notoriously difficult and come into criticism over recent weeks.

The creator of the popular app finally decided to delete the app from the internet after he could not take any more of the abuse coming from the community.

Within hours of the app being taken down phones and tablets began showing up on ebay for prices in excess of $4000 – $8000 and now the prices have gone up to $50,000 buy it now.

One auction has reached well over $200,000 although its currently unclear if fake bids have pushed that uo due to the media attention sorrounding the apps removal from the app store.

You can get off to a head start thanks to TechFanSite as we have sourced one of the lowest iPhone deals on eBay and the best thing is it has Flappy Bird Installed

You can click here to look at the auction!

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