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Finding Fresh widgets for iWeb

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We all love how easy life gets with iWeb through its inbuilt widgets that let us spice up our websites. Right from adding stylish navigation to using the powerful HTML snippet for bringing games, multimedia and games to our sites, iWeb really does it all.
What makes iWeb extremely powerful is the variety of widgets it offers. And if its own library wasn’t enough, it also lets you find more widgets online and add them to your site. However before we begin with the task of looking for more widgets, lets first understand what Widgets are.
Widgets also known as widgets gizmos, minis or badges are free Web applications. They update content of external websites to yours with your consent. For example a currency exchange widgets gets information from and displays it on your website. Online Widgets are different from offline or those widgets on the Mac. These widgets pick information from the net only.
Widgets have become a strategic tool for websites to increase loyalty and stickiness. They let you offer many different services and information without letting the users go off to another website. All this means more traffic and more business.

Adding Widgets to Your Site

Adding a widget is a cinch. Simply copy the widgets code to your iWeb site, drag the HTML Snippet from the Media browser to your page, paste the code and upload.
Finding new widgets is equally easy as well. However be cautious at the time of downloading as well as using these widgets. Being third party (if downloaded) they are prone to viruses as well as frauds. Therefore, always do a complete research to see whether the widget is useful and delivers as per the claims or not.

Finding the Widgets

The best places are the one that you visit frequently for the simple reason that they are trustworthy. Picking widgets from unreliable sources is a mistake you will like to avoid. Many social media, movie or news sites have their widgets. Simply export them. Just in case your favorite website doesn’t have one, look around the net, someone might have made a widget to export content from the site.
There are many sites on the net that categorically list widgets. While picking the widgets, ensure that they are compatible with the browser of your choice as well.
Widgetbox is a powerful resource to refer to when you want to download widgets. It provides an estimated 207,000 widgets and offers templates with which you can make your own advertisement embedded widgets. Google Gadgets is another site to refer to for more widgets. It offers nearly 145,000 widgets and information on how to program your own widgets. Widgipedia is another resource boasting a sizable catalog however requires some organizing with its cluttered pages, which are not too user friendly.
Once you have finalized a widget, pick the right format for it to be functional. For best results pick the ones that come with HTML or codes that are embeddable. Keep in mind the aesthetics. Not many widget providers let you customize the size or the shape so pick the ones that suit your site style and color scheme.

What Widgets Do

Widgets purpose range from aesthetics to content addition. While some widgets such as arcade games exist purely to draw people through attraction value, other widgets such as a currency changer or a news ticker can add website stickiness by offering different information at the same place.
Widgets can gather information from around the internet and display it as per your preferences. Many can let you display your tweets, your Facebook status messages, latest comments, videos, songs et al. The best part is their dynamism. They don’t need you to manually pick content and post it somewhere, they do it for you.

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