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Find the Best Free Mac Games

Find the Best Free Mac GamesIt’s not easy being a Mac Gamer. Though Apple computers come with great display features andhigh tech graphics cards, but there are very less Mac games- which is surely a bummer.But you don’t have to worry, because there are loads of great free games for the Mac user-though you would need to look past through a few to get to the best ones. Let us help you findsome time killing Mac games.


As we begin our quest to find best Mac games, let us not forget the base site- Apple itself. Appledoes have a games page with some free games. Please note here that ‘free’ generally, but notalways, means ‘demo’.Apple has a wide selection of Mac games, but you need to organize things on your own- you cansort them in various ways or just select the ‘staff picks’ if you are feeling indecisive.But that’s not all- Apple has announced the launching of a new app store for Mac- there’s lotmore in the bag, but you need to be patient.

Free MMO Gamer

Frankly speaking, there’s not much on this website. There are just 9 games. They have a briefoverview and a screenshot for each game, but you still are unable to sort between the games,and really, 9 games are too less.But on the bright side, some of those games are really excellent. There are cool games likeRunescape, Savage 2, and Quake Live. These are not available at most other Mac games site, soyou must try them out.


Though it looks like an independent site, it is actually another link given to CNET Downloads-especially for Mac Games. This is great since CNET Downloads is one of the most excellentdatabases of apps on web. The best part- this website lets you sort the games using the ‘TopFreeware’ tag. Though there are a few games that are just demos, but most of them are fullyfunctional.This site supports almost all genres of games, along with the statistics regarding each game, likeuser reviews and the times it has been downloaded etc. This helps you find the kind of game youare looking for.


Go on these websites and check out the gaming gems waiting to be played. Are there anyspecial games that you would like to recommend? Send us your suggestions. Your comments arehighly appreciated.

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