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Features Of iOS 5

Features Of iOS 5

Apple arranged a media event this Tuesday morning in which it announced that iOS 5 will be made available iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.  The new version of iOS will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, third and fourth generation iPod touch, and the iPad of all versions. The major OS update is inclusive of a redesigned push notification mechanism along with a new iMessage messaging service, which eliminates the requirement to connect to a computer to activate devices.

Features of an iOS 5 are highlighted as follows:


  • Mobile safari: the latest version of Safari web browser that are used on mobile phones is now being made part of the Mac OS X’s version reader feature so that the users can view online articles on a single page layout . A reading list feature called instep paper, tags out the articles for the user to view it later, adds support for emailing article contents instead of just URLs, and ads tabbed browsing for iPad users.


  • Notification center: the notification center of the iOS 5 has replaced the current push notification system with a system which shows calendar alerts, missed calls. Instant message notifications, app alerts and many more at one place. Notifications now do not interrupt with the applications, and tapping on a specific notification takes users to the apps they’re associated with.


  • Reminders iOS 5’s Reminders feature adds in task management option within the iPhone, iPod and iPads. This program allow the user to trace tasks simply or by location, set alerts, set due dates and priorities, and can also be viewed in iCal or Outlook.


  • Camera: this application of Apple has the ability to take on photos even when the screen is locked out and using the Volume up option for opening of the shutter. To make the composition of the photo even easier interface, grid lines are made within it. Moreover, the setting of the focus area and exposing with a simple tap is another feature.


  • Newsstand Apple is mirroring its iBookstore with Newsstand. The feature enables the user to find, buy and update digital magazines and newspaper subscriptions, and automatically updates subscriptions in the background.


  • Single Sign-on for Twitter iOS 5 is inclusive of built-in Twitter support so that the users does not have to provide the credentials of their account to several client applications. The user also has the facility of posting any content to twitter via Apple’s Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps apps.


  • Reminders: the task management feature of the iOS 5 is very useful for iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. This application allows the user to set alerts, track tasks by location, set priorities and due dates and can be easily viewed in Outlook and iCal.


  • Mail : The new Mail app offers improved searching of messages, encrypted support of messages, and rich formatting of the text. Moreover, an improved view of the portrait is also added, the process of moving e-mail addresses among fields, supporting of all flagged out messages, and S/MIME support.


  • iMessage: iOS 5 is getting its own instant messaging service which is presently offering its services to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The feature operates on over Wi-Fi or 3G connections, and supports video, text, and picture messages outside of mobile service provider’s SMS and MMS offerings.


A massive software update for iOS 5 has also been released which is equally applicable for all the devices using it and not only for iPhones.


  • Focus lock: the built-in Camera of the iOS 5 now has the feature of locking the subject in question. Hold up a finger onto the subject unless and until the focusing square flashes. In order to remove it, tap at any other place on the screen.


  • Flashing alerts: if you receive a phone call or any update on your social interface website, the iOS 5 alerts the user about this action through the flashing of its rear LED which is otherwise used as a flash for the camera.


  • Notifications: the drop-down menu of Notifications can be customized in the Settings option. The user can remove apps, create priority for alerts and can also decide how they will appear on the screen.

  • Customized alerts: users of iPhones now also have the facility of customizing alert sounds for their text messages, reminders and tweets. The new and latest alert tones are also made available on the iTunes store for the very first time.


  • Shortcuts: if you own a whole lot of lists of your favorite phrases, they can also be used on iOS 5 as shortcuts. Simply type in the initials of the phrase and the sentence will be displayed automatically.


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