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Famous Mac Apps to Sync via Dropbox Utility

Famous Mac Apps to Sync via Dropbox Utility

Dropbox has revolutionized file sharing and it works in the background. It has become a necessary part of our lives and it is a very useful tool- as cloud storage tool and as syncing provider. And it is available for all platforms. Plus, it’s useful for everyone.

You can have some files accessible anytime anywhere, which makes life easier. Let’s take a look at some applications that you must have to take all the benefits of cloud storage.

Dropbox has been integrated with text editors- thanks to iPad. Since users find it hard to search for files on iOS file system, this scheme makes sure that documents are readily available for future use.

And Dropbox turned out to be a simple and easy solution. We are talking about some OS X applications that can sync to Dropbox and the iPad apps that can use Dropbox for computer syncing.

If you want to have fun with media files as you move, then the solutions available to you are mostly tricky or expensive. People upgrade to iPhone 4 because 16GB on the old 3G is quite insufficient.

Dropbox can save your costs. You wouldn’t want to sync big libraries using this method, but if you do have sufficient time and a good connection, you can use this technique on small libraries. So, here they are, the apps to sync to Dropbox:

Word processors:

iA Writer

Notational Velocity

To-Do apps:


The Hit List





Information managers are apps that keep the most significant data- passwords, serial numbers etc. This information will be available to you anywhere you go, if you keep it in Dropbox. This is how you can set 1Password and Yojimbo.

With Dropbox, you can work using multiple systems without any problems. Just follow a simple rule – Take backup before you proceed. There are paid plans as well, but even the free ones have enough space to cover all daily transactions.

There are tons of great apps at your disposal. And there are newer apps that support synchronization with Dropbox. Which apps do you like the best? Let us know though your comments.


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