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faf : Michael Martin

faf : Michael Martin

Week three of our favourite/five apps friday (faf) series and it is the first to feature only iPhone apps. Michael Martin of Pro Blog Design takes his through his iPhone selection. Michael writes about web design (blog design in particular!), coding, and WordPress. He covers all the technical bits that bloggers should know, so they can get the most out of their blogs. Check out his site here.


1. Analytics

Gives full access to my Google Analytics account. It comes pre-loaded with a tonne of different report options, like Visitors, Goals, Referring sites etc. with one click. My favorite one however is the “Today” report, which gives you the stats for the past 24 hours. Very useful to see how a post is going down in social media! [iTunes Link]


Great because you can split your Twitter contacts into different groups (And the groups sync between the desktop app and iPhone). Twitter for iPhone is great because you can save your Twitter times for when you’re on a bus or just generally bored somewhere. Then when you’re at your computer, you can forget about Twitter and get some actual work done! [iTunes Link]

3. Evernote

Great for storing quick thoughts and images that you might need later. Honestly though, I probably use the default Notes app for this even more than I use Evernote now though! [iTunes Link]

4. Fieldrunners

Fieldrunners is the most addictive iPhone game I’ve played. It’s just a Tower Defence game, but with great graphics and some fun towers and enemies, it’s just hard to put down! [iTunes Link]

5. Mail

Probably cheating a little by listing this, but it’s true. Mail is still the main reason I love my iPhone. Being able to check your inbox any time of day, to either jump onto anything urgent right away if it needs it, or even just to get a warning of what’s awaiting you at your desk is incredibly helpful!

Take Part

If you  like to take part in the Five Apps Friday series then why not get in contact. The applications can be either OSX based or iPhone and all we need is a 620 pixel wide (landscape) photo and a png screen shot of the apps in a row. All we need is your five favourite applications and why…….

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